Will My Insurance Policy Cover Chiropractic Care?

One of the first questions a patient will ask when considering chiropractic care is whether insurance policies cover care. Fortunately, insurance companies are recognizing chiropractic care as an effective treatment option for patients, and therefore offering coverage for it. Each policy differs, so it’s important you speak with your insurer to understand how much coverage you have. It’s also important you speak with your chiropractor to be sure he or she accepts your insurance.

Short-Term Conditions

Some insurers will only cover chiropractic care for short-term conditions. This might include an outline of how many appointments the patient may be covered for, or it may give a certain amount of time for which coverage will be given. Even these short-term conditions often require a co-pay, so be sure you understand what that is so you can be prepared with it at each appointment.

Long-Term Conditions

Some chronic conditions require long-term treatment that often lasts throughout the remainder of the patient’s life. If you have an issue requiring long-term treatment, speak with your insurance company to determine the type of coverage offered and if they give benefits on a long-term basis. There’s a possibility some acute conditions are covered more long-term, but if you choose to return to the chiropractor for wellness treatments or maintenance, your insurer may not cover those types of appointments. As with any similar situation, communication is essential.

Other Payment Options

If you don’t have insurance coverage for chiropractic care, or if your policy doesn’t cover the amount of treatment you need, you may have some other options for payment. For example, your chiropractor may accept monthly payments, often without interest. You could also apply for a government-assisted health care program such as Medicaid or Medicare. If you fall within a certain income level, you could qualify, and the government could help you obtain the care you need.

There’s also the possibility to pay out of pocket at each appointment. Chiropractic care isn’t nearly as expensive as medical care, so it may be affordable for you to do this. Some chiropractors offer a discount if you pay in cash at the time of your appointment.

Getting StartedWhether you know you have insurance coverage, or are still unclear, speaking with someone at your chiropractic office could help to ease some anxieties you have about paying for treatment. Contact a chiropractor, like a chiropractor from AmeriWell Clinics, today to get started and to learn whether your care is covered.