When to See a Physical Therapist 

When to See a Physical Therapist 

If you suffer from constant aches and pains that are interfering with your daily life, it might be time to see a certified physical therapist. While physical therapy is often associated with accidents and injuries, there are other situations that may call for it. You can be healthy and still benefit from even a few sessions. Physical therapists specialize in helping you improve function in your body, relieving your pain and helping you to improve and maintain your health.

Recovery After an Injury 

Physical therapy is often an important part of recovering after an injury sustained in an accident. Individuals who lead active lifestyles, such as athletes or hikers, are especially prone to injury. With physical therapy, you can slowly regain function in the affected part of your body through gentle stretches, strengthening exercises, and other treatments. Doing physical therapy exercises on a regular basis allows your body to gradually get back to good condition.  

Worsening Pain 

If you are experiencing sudden pain, or pain that continues to worsen, seeing a physical therapist may be the first thing that you can do to address it. They will evaluate your symptoms and identify appropriate treatment options, such as body weight exercises and heat and cold therapy. They will monitor your progress for several weeks, then see if the exercises are alleviating your symptoms. If not, they will explore other treatment options. 

Preventing Surgery 

Physical therapy can be beneficial for treating health issues before considering surgery, as a physical therapist like one at LeMoine Physical Therapy. If you are experiencing severe pain in your joints or muscles and may need surgery, trying physical therapy first is recommended because it is much less invasive and in many cases can effectively treat your pain. 

Improve Mobility and Strength

Other benefits of physical therapy include improved range of motion, strength, and balance. You do not need to have suffered an injury or have a health condition to benefit from physical therapy sessions. A physical therapist develops a treatment program that consists of exercises and lifestyle changes to help you become more flexible, improve your coordination, and increase your strength.  

You do not have to live a life with pain. Many patients have achieved excellent health outcomes as a result of undergoing a comprehensive physical therapy program that targets their pain and symptoms. See if physical therapy is right for you by scheduling an appointment with a qualified and experienced physical therapist in your area.