What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Visiting a chiropractor can be a daunting experience for some. Chiropractic care can be incredibly beneficial to your health, though, and is a great natural way to relieve pain. Today, we will outline a few things to expect at your first appointment. 

Evaluating Your Health History

The first thing you will do is meet with your chiropractor to see how chiropractic care could benefit you. He or she will look at your medical history, ask about any pain you may be having, and make sure you are a good candidate for treatment before taking you on as a patient. This may include taking X-rays, speaking with your primary care physician, or running tests before beginning treatment. Your chiropractor will also provide a careful structural examination, paying particularly close attention to your spine to see how to best move forward. 

Establishing a Treatment Plan

The next step will be determining what your sessions look like. After performing an evaluation, your chiropractor will develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your own individual needs. You will likely have a schedule of one to two visits every week until your issues are resolved and you can make less frequent visits. 

What an Office Visit Looks Like

Moving forward, you will have a set schedule of seeing your chiropractor and what to expect at each visit. Chiropractic care appointments are typically fairly quick and can often be done in under 30 minutes. Some treatments include, but are not limited to, spinal manipulation, exercises, and a meeting with the chiropractor to discuss lifestyle and dietary changes that could be beneficial to you. Many patients are given daily stretches to do at home to increase mobility and elasticity of the muscles and joints. You will have regular evaluations to see how much the care is helping so your chiropractor can continue to develop a plan that will benefit you. 

Contact a Chiropractor Today

If you are experiencing pain or want to see how a chiropractor could help you create and maintain a healthier lifestyle, contact a chiropractor, like a chiropractor from AmeriWell Clinics, for more information today.