Understanding Chiropractic Adjustments and Care

Have you ever considered going to a chiropractor to get some relief? Do you understand what a doctor of chiropractic does? Many people believe that a chiropractor works exclusively with back pain and injuries, which is not true. Patients seek treatment for a variety of reasons, and the care they receive is specific to their needs. However, much of that care comes in the form of adjustments, and if you are unfamiliar with chiropractic, then you may need a little help to understand this form of treatment.

Hands-On Care

Chiropractors specialize in hands-on care; in fact, the name implies it. They physically position a patient’s body and force the musculoskeletal system back into alignment, which, when effective, leads to relief. However, there is a misconception that the maneuvers a chiropractor uses can be done at home. Self-adjustments are risky, and can potentially lead to worsening injuries or more significant trauma.

Spinal Manipulations

Spinal manipulations are the bread and butter of the chiropractic profession. The movements are precise and designed to achieve the greatest sense of relief for the patient. Unfortunately, too many patients believe that one treatment is enough to correct years of poor posture or injury. To receive the most significant benefit from chiropractic therapy, you will need to commit to ongoing care. Think about it like your primary care physician. Sure, you go to them when you are sick, but you also go in for routine checkups. A chiropractor should be a part of your medical team.

Muscles and Joints

Chiropractors are not just spinal specialists; they also work with muscles and joints. The chiropractic process is about whole-body alignment, which leads to better overall health. People frequently visit chiropractors for soft tissue injuries, like whiplash, but this therapy is also suitable for more chronic conditions, like arthritis.

Medical History

Before a chiropractor, like from Mid Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, performs an adjustment on you, they will want to know your medical history. It is crucial to be honest with the doctor of chiropractic, so they know if imaging is necessary before treatment. If your injury is sudden or something sounds off, then the chiropractor may order X-rays to get a better visual of the field.

Chiropractors treat many injuries and issues with chiropractic adjustments, which are precise manipulations. If you are interested in scheduling a chiropractic appointment, then contact a local chiropractor. You can also speak with them about spinal adjustments and whether such therapy may be effective for your condition.