Sinus Adjustment with Chiropractic Treatment

Sinusitis is essentially a type of inflammation of the tissues that surround the eight hollow cavities named sinuses in our skull. They are in our cheekbones, between eyes, forehead, and behind the nasal cavity. Each year, nearly about 37 million people in America suffer from sinusitis. 

If you have sinusitis and want to get it treated without any use of drugs or invasive surgeries, get in contact with a chiropractor for your sinus adjustment. Learn more about sinusitis and chiropractic sinus adjustment below.

What is Sinusitis?

It is a very common condition where the sinus linings inflame and often lead to infection. These cavities are small and air-filled, located in cheekbones and forehead. Sinusitis may improve over 2 or 3 weeks.

People aged 18 to 45 are mostly the ones who are likely to get infected. It can be acute sinusitis or more chronic ones. If you think you are suffering from chronic sinusitis, a chiropractor may help you adjust the sinuses.

Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis is the most common one. It occurs when the sinus tissues get blocked by fluid, which later leads to bacterial infection. Other symptoms may also accompany this common form of sinusitis, such as- headache and runny nose. They may even last for four weeks. Nasal sprays and decongestants are some conventional treatments for acute sinusitis.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sinus Adjustment

Chiropractic, like chiropractic in Mesa, AZ from LifeCare Chiropractic, helps in adjusting the neck and back, but there are many more things that he can do. Among them, one is sinus adjustment. Yes, you heard it right! A chiropractor can help you with chronic sinusitis by adjusting sinuses. 

A chiropractor may offer to adjust the facial bones to improve your sinus drainage problem. It is not always that your facial bones have the problem; a misaligned vertebra in the neck may also cause this problem. Once chiropractor removes these obstructions, your sinuses will start to drain effectively. It will also help in alleviating the pressure and pain.

A Preventive Therapy for Chronic Sinus

Did you know, every aspect of our body is controlled by our nervous system? So, by improving the flow of nervous system signals to the respiratory system, which is connected to the sinuses, the chiropractor will be able to get rid of any problem of the sinuses. According to the chiropractors, it may be the root cause of sinusitis and its symptoms. So, a chiropractor can find the root cause and provide treatment options that can ensure that you get rid of your chronic sinusitis problem forever!


We know how frustrating it must be to have sinus drainage! Whether you are suffering from acute sinusitis or chronic sinusitis, get in touch with a chiropractor to put an end to this problem. We are sure that after reading this article, you are convinced that you need to pay a visit to your local chiropractor. So, why the delay? Contact with a chiropractor now!