Senior Friendly Swaps for Thanksgiving Meal

It’s that time of year again! The air is getting colder, the days are becoming shorter, and caregivers around the country are planning for their upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. Yet, if you are caring for an aging loved one, it can be difficult planning the traditional Thanksgiving meal around your loved ones diet. The excess butter, salt, and sugar might be delicious, but it can be detrimental to the health of a beloved grandparent or friend.  

Thus, when planning for your aging loved ones, the following are some easy healthful substitutions that can be implemented in the traditional Thanksgiving dinner! 

Swap Tin Can Cranberry Jelly for Homemade Cranberry Sauce

For many, it’s not Thanksgiving if there aren’t cranberries on the table! Cranberries, by themselves, are actually very senior friendly. They are filled with healthful antioxidants that can help fight free radicals. As a diuretic, cranberries are especially effective in helping patients living with incontinence. 

Yet, these cranberries often come in the form of the premade jelly. Often pumped with preservatives and excess sugars, this jelly can be a little too rich for a senior diet. This is especially true if your loved one lives with diabetes or other blood sugar ailments.

A great way to get cranberries on the Thanksgiving table, and leave extra sugars behind, is to make cranberry sauce at home. The process doesn’t take too long, and often tastes leagues better than the canned alternative!

Swap Mashed Potatoes for Cauliflower

There’s something magical about cauliflower. This cruciferous vegetable provides the same health benefits as brussel sprouts and broccoli. High in fibre and packed with nutrients, cauliflower becomes a senior friendly swap for starchy potatoes.

For your Thanksgiving dinner, consider supplementing mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower. When boiled, the cauliflower takes on the same tasty properties as potatoes. This way, you can enjoy mashed potatoes knowing it’s a senior friendly swap! 

Lighten Sweet Potato Casserole with Natural Sweeteners

When America thinks of sweet potato casserole, it tends to be bathed in butter, brown sugar, and a heavy dosage of marshmallows. Although this dish can get the kids excited, the excess sugar can be overwhelming to senior’s taste buds.

To make this dish more senior friendly, try and place an emphasis on natural sweeteners. For example, applesauce is a healthful natural sweetener. If apples aren’t opportune, look to other fruit based sweeteners, such as dates, raisins, and honey.
For more information on senior care services contact an experienced nursing agency. They can answer your questions and help with loved ones at what may be a stressful time.