PRP Treatment: Scheduling and Results

PRP Treatment: Scheduling and Results

If you’re suffering from hair loss, you aren’t alone. Many people deal with some form of hair thinning. PRP treatment can be an effective therapy for those who want to regrow hair. Before you begin your treatment, it helps to know what to expect from the scheduling and results.

What PRP Treatment Involves

The process isn’t as scary as it might initially sound. First, you will undergo having blood drawn from your arm. The technician places the blood into a machine called a centrifuge where it separates the red blood cells from the plasma. Plasma is rich in platelets and this is what doctors will inject into your scalp.

The process begins with injections placed across the scalp at every half inch. The process itself should only take around half an hour at most, to complete.

Who PRP Treatment Works For

If you experience hair loss, then PRP treatment may be a good option for you. If you’re in early hair loss, then you may be an even better candidate. Those patients with androgenic alopecia tend to work best with the treatment. These patients experience hair thinning along the top of their head. For women, this might appear to be a widening of their natural part with normal hair thickness at the back.

Why Remain Consistent

If you want the best results possible, then you need to stay consistent. If you remain on a consistent schedule, then odds are you’re going to benefit from the treatment. In the beginning, treatments occur once every month for three to four months. Then, when complete, you move onto injections once every three to six months. After three to six months, your doctor will evaluate your progress and the results that you have. Generally, you will start to see results in the first two to three months.

At first, you may notice that your hair sheds less and that early regrowth begins. You may even notice your hair growing longer. If you want to continue to stimulate hair growth, then you need to consider injections once every three to six months on a long-term basis. In fact, many continue treatment for a couple of years following the initial injection. You and your doctor can discuss your results when it comes to long-term PRP treatment.

One of the most important factors to receiving the results you hope for is to remain consistent with your schedule. You should keep to a schedule and stay consistent until the end of your therapy. If you’re ready to learn more, contact a hair transplant doctor now.

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Dr. Robin Unger, PRP for Hair Restoration New York