Preparing Your Home for an Elderly

As baby boomers enter into their golden years, many parents are finding themselves moving in with their children. Thus, if you are expecting to house an aging loved one, here is a brief guideline to prepare your home!

Find a Designated Space for any Pets

If you are preparing to house a loved one and currently house a few fur babies, you need to find a designated area for the aforementioned pets. This is because animals are notorious for causing slip and falls with elderly individuals.

To combat this, find a space that your pet can occupy whenever your loved one is moving around. Make certain this space does not overlap with any high traffic areas. The goal is to provide your loved one with a clear path of movement.

This does not mean you should get rid of any precious pets altogether! You just need to be conscious of where your pets are, what their usual pathways are, and how you can navigate their movement with your elderly loved one’s.

Practice Regular Decluttering

A wonderful way to prepare your home for a senior citizen is to practice regular cleaning and decluttering. As previously stated, your goal is to create a clear pathway for your loved one to move around.This can be hard if the floor is covered in small toys, slippery rugs, and sneaky wires!

Clear your floors of any unnecessary debris. Rethink power cords if they cross any pathways or entry areas. Remove throw rugs, as they can cause your loved one to lose their footing and slip.

Practice Good Lighting Practices

Mood lighting might be great for striking the right tone, but it can be dangerous for someone with cataracts or a lower field of vision.

Before your loved one enters your home, assess your lighting. Are all areas of your home well lit? Are light switches prominent, near entry ways, and easy to see?

If you find any dim areas of your home, supplement them with plug in lights. You can also invest in automatic motion sensor lights. These will activate whenever movement occurs, and relieve your loved one of ever having to search for a light switch.

4. Consider a Home Health Aide

A great way to prepare your home for an aging loved one is to consider enlisting the work of a home health aide. These providers can act as a caregiver within your home, as well as a companion to your loved one. They can help you ensure that your space is always well lit, devoid of clutter, and safe!

If you have questions about home health care and other services offered, contact a home health care specialist for more information.