Learning More About Your Chiropractic Addiction

Holistic Health Directives

Have you ever heard someone express a concern that chiropractic care is addictive? Perhaps the individual refuses to visit a chiropractor because he or she is afraid it can’t be stopped once it’s started. Unlike drugs and alcohol, chiropractic care does not cause a chemical change within your brain that elicits addictive behavior. You may, however, get “addicted” to the feeling you get after an adjustment, just the same way you’d get “addicted” to a vigorous workout or a good laugh.

What Are Chiropractic Patients Actually Addicted To?

Chiropractic patients aren’t actually getting addicted to anything when they have an adjustment. Unless you consider a desire to feel good and live without previous pain an addiction, there is nothing you’ll get addicted to when you visit the chiropractor. Individuals who feel there must be an addiction may have seen their friends and family members going for multiple visits, but what they don’t understand is it’s a choice to live a pain-free life.

What Can Chiropractic Care Be Compared To?

You could compare chiropractic care to other regular tasks that individuals do to stay healthy and feeling good. Some examples include the following.

  • Visiting the Dentist – It feels great to have a good dental cleaning and leaves patients at top performance. An adjustment does the same thing.
  • Getting a Haircut – When someone gets a haircut, they are correcting split ends, unruly locks or dissatisfaction with a previous style. Adjustments correct misalignments and a dissatisfaction with feeling crummy.
  • Proper Hygiene – You wouldn’t neglect washing your face, clipping your fingernails or other regular hygiene practices because it would cause the problem to get worse as time goes by. Misalignments can also cause greater pain if they are not adjusted in a timely manner.

As you can see, none of these actions are addictive, though most people do them on a regular basis without even thinking about it. If you consider someone who regularly completes these practices an addict, then you could consider a chiropractic patient an addict as well.

Contacting a Professional for More Information

If you’re still unsure about visiting the chiropractor, or if you’d like to schedule an adjustment for yourself or a family member, contact a professional today. You won’t get addicted to the adjustments, but you could get “addicted” to continually feeling good, perhaps for the first time in a long time. Give your chiropractor in Takoma Park, MD a call today to get started.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into chiropractic care and what chiropractors do.