Chiropractic Care May Help Speed-Up Recovery After Surgery

If you’re preparing for surgery or have recently recovered from an operation, your doctor may recommend you follow up with a chiropractor. Depending on the injury and type of surgery you have had, chiropractic adjustments may help alleviate pain and help loosen stiff muscles and joints. Here’s what to expect if you seek this treatment after surgery.

Chiropractic Treatments Are a Natural Pain Relief Option

Many people like to visit a chiropractor because these doctors can offer a natural alternative to traditional pain management and therapy treatments. If you have sustained an injury, sometimes surgery doesn’t solve all the issues causing your pain or create new discomfort. Since surgery and recovery can rely heavily on prescription medications, chiropractic adjustments may relieve pain without pharmaceuticals. 

The Timing of Your Treatment Is Dependant on the Surgery

If you’re interested in visiting a chiropractor after an operation, check with your surgeon to determine how soon you can have your first appointment. Each person recovers at a different pace, and the location and type of surgery determine when it’s safe for additional treatment. Additionally, your chiropractor may be able to start by focusing on non injured parts of your body to help take tension and muscle tightness away from those spots and decrease your overall feeling of pain and discomfort. For example, if you have lower back surgery, a chiropractor like one at AmeriWell Clinics may be able to focus on your neck and upper back while leaving your lower back alone to recover. 

Chiropractors Start With Minor Adjustments After Surgery

When your physician determines that it’s safe for you to see a chiropractor, treatment starts with small adjustments. Chiropractors use different types of maneuvers to get similar results, so depending on your pain tolerance and recovery plan, the doctor may begin with minor adjustments to avoid aggravating the injury. You can expect to see the doctor multiple times as they make small movements to get your body in optimal alignment.

Chiropractic Care May Help You Feel Better Faster

No matter what type of surgery you’ve had, chiropractic care can improve your recovery. There’s a strong connection between the spinal cord and the brain, influencing the body’s nervous system. Since the nervous system is responsible for sending pain signals and is involved with the recovery processes, it’s essential to keep the system working efficiently. The spine protects this nervous system which means having your spine in proper alignment helps speed up your recovery. 

When you’ve had an operation, your doctor may suggest chiropractic care to speed up your recovery. Schedule a consultation with a chiropractor to discuss appropriate treatment options.