Back Pain and Surgery: For What and When it Happens?

Have you ever woken up in the morning with stiffness in your back? Perhaps it was so bad that it hurt to sit up, or maybe you couldn’t even pull yourself out of bed. This scenario is not uncommon among adults, especially as they age. Some back issues are minor and go away with little or no intervention. Others require chiropractic care for the individual to find relief. The most serious back conditions are best solved by surgery. You should understand when a surgical procedure may be necessary.

Herniated Disc

In between the vertebrae of your spine are rubbery cushions called discs. When the discs rupture or tear, this condition can occur. The results can be painful and can happen along any point of the spine. A herniated disc will usually affect the nerves, causing irritation. Some of the biggest signs of a herniated disc include numbness or weakness in the arms and legs. There may even be tingling feelings in the lower extremities. Usually, the cause of a herniated disc stems from wear and tear on the back. To correct this issue, medication and therapy are often the first line of defense. When these measures are ineffective, the doctor may suggest getting surgery.


Chiropractors frequently encounter patients who have this disease. It is a serious condition that can cause intense, debilitating pain. People with osteoarthritis can be limited in their physical function. This condition can develop bone spurs. These growths form on the edges of the bone, often between two joints. One of the biggest consequences of bone spurs is that they can pinch nerves, leading to a loss of feeling. Surgery is often the most effective way to reduce back pain due to osteoarthritis. The surgery involves removing the bone spurs or even taking out the affected discs and putting in new, artificial ones.

Fractured Vertebrae

Surgery is usually the right treatment for fractured vertebrae. This condition normally occurs due to an injury such as a fall or a hard blow from a heavy object. Fractures can take place anywhere along the spinal column, causing paralysis in some cases. However, with compression spinal fracture (the weakening and crumbling of vertebrae), surgery is rare.

If you have back pain or soreness, talk to your chiropractor. This professional has the knowledge and training to recommend the right treatment. This may or may not mean that you will need surgery. Contact a chiropractic clinic, like a chiropractor at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, today to get an appointment scheduled for your son or daughter.