7 Common Symptoms of Neck Pain

The human neck is the containment center for vital veins, nerves, organs, bones and muscles. It is no surprise, then, when people grow concerned about the sudden sensation of pain and injury. Fortunately, while neck pain can be worrisome, it is relatively common and likely unrelated to severe injury or complication. Although, that being said, it is wise to be aware of possible symptoms and how to react.

1. Soreness

Most people who experience mild neck pain will describe the sensation as soreness. The affected area tends to be broader with areas that feel tender. With mild injuries, the likely culprit is posture, and it will most likely subside after a few days.

2. Stiffness

Similar to soreness, stiffness of the neck is most likely related to posture or sleep positioning. During the night, it is possible to remain motionless for hours, and if the initial position is not suiting your posture well, then you may wake with discomfort.

3. Sharp Pain

Some neck pain is caused by trauma to the body. For example, a sharp or stabbing pain might present in the neck, but the cause is a pinched nerve lower on the spine. To treat this pain, it is necessary to discover the underlying cause.

4. Radicular Pain

Radicular pain is one of the worst symptoms of neck pain. It presents as an intense burning or searing sensation along a nerve from the neck into the shoulder and arm.

5. Reduced Grip Strength

When neck pain resides in the muscle or nerves of the neck, then you are likely to experience reduced grip strength. The muscles in the arm are directly linked to the shoulders and neck through other tissues, which means squeezing or clenching your hand can lead to greater pain in the neck.

6. Headaches

Another common symptom of neck pain may also be the cause. Headaches are uniquely tied to the neck. When you have a pinched nerve or stiff neck, it is not uncommon to experience a headache. However, a tension headache may also be the cause of your pain.

7. Cervical Radiculopathy

Neck pain can be the result of nerve root compression. Unfortunately, this type of injury can lead to neurological deficits, mainly influencing reflexes, strength and sensations. Pain often accompanies these deficits.

Learn to recognize the symptoms of neck pain above. If you find that you are presenting with a combination of symptoms, then consider finding a chiropractor, like Back Pain Doctor, for treatment.