Paving The Way for Long-Term Health Care

It’s official, the greatest generation is entering into their golden years! According to the American Census, by 2030, every single baby boomer will be sixty years and older. This means that the entire baby boomer generation is ten years away from retirement! 

With this generation entering into their golden years, it’s time to think about their long term planning for healthcare. If you are a baby boomer on the cusp of retirement, here is a quick guideline for paving the way for long term health care!

Start the Conversation Early

The best way to begin the health care discussion is simply by beginning it! There is no time too early to start talking about long term care. Carve out time to talk with your family about long term planning. 

If you are searching on behalf of your aging loved one, make certain to ask questions about their needs. Ask what form of home care they would prefer. Do they think they would like a caregiver there at all times? Would they like to have their caregiver living there, or would they prefer hourly care?

This may feel like a difficult discussion, and premature if your loved one is still up and running. Yet, the future is unknown, and it’s always better to be proactive than reactive!

Conduct Your Research

After you’ve spoken with your loved one, it’s time to research. Take all of the specifications that they have given you, and apply it to your search. Look online for nearby home health care agencies, and make certain to scour reviews. Remember to ask around within your own social circle, as friends and family often provide the best first-hand recommendations.

Start a spreadsheet that compiles price, location, reviews, and other statistics that are relevant to you. This will help you stay on track of your research and remain organized as you search.

Meet In Person With Caregivers

Once you have compiled your research, you should be able to choose a few places that you and your loved one like. Schedule a time to meet with the representation of the home care agencies. If you are interested in pursuing a private contractor, make a date with them to chat. Concerning the price of these meetings, many caregivers and agencies offer free consultations, but it’s always safe to check before scheduling!

It’s important to have a game plan for this consultation. Talk with your loved one about any questions that they would like answered. When meeting with the home care nurse, be direct, thorough, and make certain to take notes throughout!