Common Treatment Options for Sports Injuries

Sports Injury Doctor

People active in sports are vulnerable to a wide range of injuries. The physical demands, complex movements, and frequent close contact with other players increases the likelihood of a traumatic injury occurring. Though most injuries heal fairly quickly, others require more specialized care and an extended recovery period. To treat serious sports-related injuries, an experienced doctor may propose various treatment methods that have shown to be effective. 

Effective Treatment Methods For Sports Injuries

From head injuries to leg injuries, athletes can become injured in many different ways. Depending on the sport they play, they may be prone to certain types of injuries than others. For example, a football player is more likely to suffer a concussion while a tennis player may suffer a sprained wrist or ankle. A top Gaithersburg, MD sports injury doctor like one from Pain Relief Arthritis Center may recommend one form of treatment or a combination of different treatment methods for a patient’s care plan.

Chiropractic care

Doctors use spinal adjustments for providing pain relief and improving movement. Adjustments involve aligning a patient’s spine through hands-on manipulation or the use of assistive devices. This has a number of benefits, such as reducing inflammation, minimizing pain, and increasing range of motion.

A common misconception is that spinal adjustments are painful due to the loud cracking sound heard. However, the sound is just gas that is being released and not the bones themselves cracking. To make adjustments more effective, patients should take the proper preparations so they are fully relaxed prior to chiropractic treatment.

Physical therapy

A physical therapist evaluates a patient’s movement and functions to treat an injury or pain that stems from other conditions such as an illness or disability. Exercises and patient education are typically the main elements of a physical therapy program. During the program, patients gradually improve their physical functions over time and learn how to incorporate lifestyle changes to stay active and healthy.

Massage therapy

A pain relief specialist will often recommend massage therapy to sooth muscles and lessen pain after a serious injury. Deep tissue massage is highly effective at getting rid of knots in muscles and eliminating tension which may limit an athlete’s mobility. 

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If you have endured a traumatic sports injury, there are multiple treatment options that may be suitable for you so you can quickly resume your activities. Explore the benefits of each treatment by contacting an experienced doctor.